20 MAX is for aspiring Freelancers, Solopreneurs and Micro-Business Owners in the Creative Industries. Assuming we’ve done a good job of reaching our intended audience, that’s you! Welcome and thank you for giving us some of your valuable time.

We’re here to inform, educate and inspire you on your business journey. Our content includes blog articles on relevant topics for the self-employed, interviews with successful business leaders and training resources to maximise your skills.

Keep growing”

I decided to create something that I would want myself as a previous freelancer and current micro-business owner. I’m banking on the fact there are enough of you like me who will enjoy what 20 MAX provides.

The name is in relation to the 80/20 principle and working towards maximising the 20% of efforts which deliver 80% of your results. I follow this rule every day and believe the impact it can have on our work, life and wellbeing is significant. 

We practice what we preach in that we’re always learning and trying to continuously improve. If you have any thoughts on how we can create better content for you, please feel free to reach me on any of the details below. Thank you.


Lifelong learner. Inherently curious. Passionate about creativity, focus and flow in the world of business.