Super Thinking by Gabriel Weinberg and Lauren McCann

2 Min Read

Upgrade Your Reasoning and Make Better Decisions with Mental Models

Co-authors Gabriel Weinberg and Lauren McCann share with us hundreds of mental models to save you time, mistakes and improve our decisions. From better understanding data to awareness of biases there is a lot packed into 338 pages.

Key Takeaways

  • There are models we can use to make better decisions across our whole lives and save us a lot of time in the process, we just need to learn them and identify when to apply the correct model (it takes repetition and time)
  • People need coaching and feedback to reach their true potential
  • Watch out for blind spots and biases when making key decisions

Look for shortcuts via existing design patterns, tools, or clever algorithms. Consider whether you can reframe the problem.”

Why you should read it

This book is full of actionable advice, the challenge is taking it all in and knowing when to apply it. It’s one that goes onto the re-read shelf to be picked up occasionally for a refresh. Ultimately even if you take 2 or 3 new mental models from this to improve your decision making it’ll be worth your time.